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With over 150 years of experience Davies & Metcalfe has an enviable record of application and maintenance of steam engines and all manner of railway air brake systems. We continue to manufacture from our extensive collection of original technical drawings - many of which are exclusive to us. Our customers are Worldwide with Davies & Metcalfe parts on trains all over the World and our injectors known for being the best in the business on locomotives, traction engines, steam boats and all manner of heritage steam applications.

Throughout our illustrious history Davies and Metcalfe invented groundbreaking technology such as steam injectors (later to be licensed to other companies such as Penberthy), air brake systems for some of the largest haulage railways in the world, built complete locomotives for the Vale of Rheidol railway and even had parts on RMS Titanic, Flying Scotsman and the Orient Express.


Richard Metcalfe (1829-1886) was one of the first drivers on the Pembroke Dock & Tenby Railway and was awarded a purse of £50 "to a meritorious engine driver". His son was apprenticed to a firm of solicitors but it was soon apparent that his over-riding interest was in the family vocation of engineering resulting in his employer writing to his father to: "take James away and make hime an engineer; he draws engines all day and wastes my paper".


To present date the Metcalfe family have all been apprenticed to railway companies, R D Metcalfe to Doncaster Locomotive Works, R Metcalfe to Crewe Erecting Shop, R H Metcalfe to East African railways and R C Metcalfe on the Dart Valley Railway. Over the period of these years many patents and inventions were made including the Exhaust Steam Injector in which steam pressure of 3psi results in delivery pressure of nearly 300psi. Today Davies & Metcalfe continue to maintain steam equipment of all types as well as modern air brake systems and all manner of railway components.


With such experience in the design, manufacture, overhaul and repair of boiler feed injectors our expertise in the field is second to none. Many design drawings and original specifications still exist, and from these Davies & Metcalfe can overhaul virtually all types of steam injector, both live and exhaust steam types, and more importantly produce new, modern products. Without the large quantity drawings and experience, this would be virtually impossible. Our drawings allow us to create authentic replacement parts not just reproductions - and many of these drawings are owned exclusively by ourselves.

Davies and Metcalfe Engineering
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Davies and Metcalfe Engineering
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