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Practices & Quality

Davies and Metcalfe Ltd uses its vast engineering experience and heritage to produce the finest quality, precision engineered railway components of all types. All products are manufactured to exact specifications and standards to Davies & Metcalfe drawings.

  • Steam parts manufactured from best quality gunmetal

  • Precision machining of bespoke fabrications

  • Goods to full standards and approvals

  • Full quality certification

  • Manufacture to full quality standards

  • Precision Machining

Precision Engineering


  • Steam injectors

  • Gears

  • Air Ejector Parts

  • Air Brake Components

  • Pressure Guages

  • Fabrications and metal spinning

  • Springs (Carbon, Steel, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel)

  • Casting (Casting in all materials)

  • Forging (Forging in any material)

  • Tools (None standard speciality tools)

  • Bearings (Precision fitting)

  • Piston Rings (custom made to suit)

  • Taps (custom built)


Precision gears
Traction engine gears
Brake coupling heads
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